Balder AEGIS® Motors

Baldor, a market leader in energy-efficient electric motors, now carries 28 new ratings in its portfolio of Baldor Reliance Super-E® Motors, because of the addition of motors equipped with the Internal AEGIS® Bearing Protection Ring. These new ratings consist of 1 to 40 HP Open Drip Proof motors, 200 volt and 575 volt, as well as 5 to 15 HP Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled designs for 200 volt.

The AEGIS® Bearing Protection Ring minimizes the harmful effects of shaft currents, greatly lengthening the lifetime of the motor. It has been shown that bearing lubricant can only do so much to prevent damage, but every motor equipped with the AEGIS® technology has a much more smooth and efficient life.

Wolters Motors is proud to provide our customers with a Baldor line that offers 152 ratings, made from the best quality parts and sure to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Contact a Wolters representative today and request a quote. The service-minded team at Wolters will be happy to work with you every step of the way to the right solution for your requirements.

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