Baldor Large AC – GPM Induction Motors

Perhaps Wolters Motors' most prominent supplier is Baldor Electric Company, a leading manufacturer of energy-efficient electric motors that has recently announced a new product line: the Large AC – GPM Induction motors. Wolters is enthused to make these motors available to customers across the U.S., in turn improving performance in numerous high-torque applications that include fans, compressors, mills, and conveyors.

The Large AC – GPM motors are available in stock ratings 250 - 1000 HP and 2300/4000 Volt. They can be ordered as custom in foot-mounted designs ranging from 250 - 1500 HP, and as 460, 575, and 2300/400 Volt. All of these motors, both stock and custom, are suited for use on variable frequency drives.

As the Baldor product line continues to evolve and strengthen, Wolters grows more and more proud to provide our customers with these top quality motors, made from the best possible parts and sure to exceed your expectations of efficiency and longevity. Contact a Wolters representative today and request a quote. The service-minded team at Wolters will be happy to work with you every step of the way to the right solution for your requirements.

Baldor Large AC - GPM Induction Motors

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