CoolBLUE Inductive Absorbers

Wolters Motors & Drives is proud to carry CoolBLUE inductive absorbers. Used in high power inverter systems operating at high switching frequencies, innovative CoolBLUE absorbers are used to reduce damaging motor bearing currents.. If left unchecked, these currents cause damage to the motor’s bearings, breakdown of it’s lubrication, and the eventual failure of the motor.

Used to absorb high frequency electrical signals in variable frequency drive (VFD) systems, CoolBLUE efficiently dampens the asymmetrical radio frequency noise currents and suppresses the asymmetrical EMI currents generated by the motor and motor cable together in variable frequency drive (VFD) systems. The soft magnetic cores work as a single turn common mode suppression choke that does not affect the symmetrical power currents of the motor.

CoolBLUE’s innovative design uses nanocrystalline absorbers, which are more effective than other soft magnetic materials like ferrites due to their superior magnetic properties. They require only about 20% of the magnetic mass of other inductive absorbers, significantly reducing the number of cores required.

Our knowledgeable sales team has the industry and product experience to assist you in selecting a CoolBLUE core for your application.

Wolters Motors & Drives is committed to providing each client with the highest level of customer service, from your first call through delivery of your equipment. In addition, our team is available 24/7 to ensure that all your servicing requirements are met. Try us today and see how we can solve your inductive absorber sourcing challenges quickly while meeting or exceeding your requirements.

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