Leeson AEGIS® Motors

As the AEGIS® Bearing Protection Ring has revolutionized AC and DC motors, premier companies like Leeson are incorporating the new technology into their top products and strengthening their catalogues. As one of Leeson's largest distributors in the southeast, Wolters Motors can provide customers with the best Leeson has to offer, attractively priced and perfectly suited for your application.

An electric motor with an AEGIS® bearing protection ring works by safely diverting damaging shaft voltages and bearing currents to ground, preventing harm usually incurred because of voltages passing on the motor shaft. The AEGIS® technology makes bearing failure close to obsolete, with no sacrifices or trade-offs in performance—just a longer lifetime for your motor.

Call Wolters today to speak with a representative about Leeson's line of AEGIS® motors that we can provide to you. We will work closely with you to insure that the right motor is chosen and delivered to your door.

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