Pump Motors

weh vhsClose-coupled pump motors are designed to meet the specific requirements of centrifugal pumps where the pump impeller is mounted directly on the motor shaft. Shaft types include JM, JP, and West Coast styles. These motors are available in both EPAct and NEMA Premium efficiencies.
Vertical Hollow Shaft motors are designed for use on turbine, mix flow and propeller pumps. They feature a P-Base style mount where the line shaft goes up through the motor and out the top where it is secured. Vertical Hollow Shaft Motors are available in Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled and Weather Proof I enclosures with normal, high, and extra high thrust capabilites.
Vertical Solid Shaft motors feature a P-base mount for vertical mounting on in-line pump applications. They are available in Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled and Open Drip Proof enclosures with normal, medium, and high thrust capabilities.

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